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Event Detail: Using Social Media to Market Adult Education

Course Title: Using Social Media to Market Adult Education
Date of Event: March 29, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Format: Online Webinar
Description: Participants will learn about tools and strategies to use social media for marketing and outreach, building community, and sharing Adult Education successes with local and statewide stakeholders. The facilitator will share real-life examples of social media use by Adult Education agencies to demonstrate the purpose and value of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additional topics may include: creating a social media marketing plan, and managing social media.
Location: Adobe Connect
Trainer: Karla Frizler
Number of Seats: 500
Number Registered: 94
Registration Deadline: March 29, 2019
Registration is closed for this event.